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Please Read: All stories on this page are © copyright 2003 to me, Jennifer McCutcheon. Do not, I repeat, do not steal them, copy them, or in any other way use them for your own gain. These are my works that I've spent long hours over, and plaigarism of any sort will not be tolerated. Thank you.

Everything on this page is a first draft.

Long Stories/Epics |Top|

Notes: I'm really bad with titles. No, really. Hence, only about five or six of the stories below actually have titles. The rest are either named after their main character, or an abbreviation of the main premise, eg LPPstory. If, after you read these stories, you suddenly have a wonderful idea for a title, then please do tell me about it. If, of course, you don't mind me using it when (hopefully) these things get published, and promise not to sue me for lots of money over it. ^_^ So. Without further ado...

Saskia's Story
Status: Incomplete
Warnings: Nothin'. Maybe a bit of death, a bit of blood - nothing too graphic or nasty, anyhow.
Blurb: When an unfortunate accident makes Saskia the heir to the throne, she has to flee to save her own life. Like the title says (and only because I haven't been able to come up with something better, but only because I haven't touched this story for yonks) this is her story.
Notes: The first semi-decent fantasy story I ever wrote. Maybe posting it here will encourage me to get off my ass and fix it. Or at least write more of it. ...or, you know, maybe I'll just be lazy. Yeah. Sounds good.

Status: Incomplete
Warnings: Nothing too serious, I think.
Blurb: Elves vs Humans, in the nastiest way. A hunting/scouting group of elves returns from a trip to discover that their city has vanished, leaving in its wake a massive pile of bones. Discovering the Humans are to blame, they set out to find the legendary Ank'iara (Warsister) mentioned in their prophecy, who is their only hope of salvation.
Notes: This is the original Vel'ithya Tevriel. Before Fallimar, before the VFstory universe... Vel'ithya was an elf. Haven't written much of it, I've only got a /very/ basic outline. The second story I wrote, I also haven't touched it in years. Although, it has a title now! ...I'm so clever. ^_^

Status: Incomplete
Warnings: Nothing much at all. I can't think of anything that anyone would object to. I don't even think there's swearing. ^_^
Blurb: Many years ago, the Goddess Amberwing fought a massive battle, and overcame her enemies after coutless days of constant fighting. But the effort left her so drained that her wings faded, and became brown and dull, and the earth carried her underground to sleep. Now, girls in every village are born with lifeless wings, dull and brown, and must journey to the capital city, to the main church, for one of them will be the Goddess reborn.
Notes: I made this into a play so that me and my sisters could perform it, but we never got around to it, mainly because of the sheer quantity of wings we had to make. Unsurprisingly, while the play is finished, the story is nowhere close. Interesting fact - I started writing this on mini notebook paper glued together to make a long scroll, and tied with a piece of string, until I got bored and stuck it in one of my more customary notebooks... where it sits even now, untouched.

Rite of Passage
Status: Finished!
Warnings: um. thingy. I don't know. Probably a little swearing, a little blood, a little violence... can you tell I haven't looked at this in a while?
Blurb: Ali seeks the castle. But in doing so, is letting herself in for much, much more than she bargained for...
Notes: Posted this on A Novel Idea a while back. I entered it into the Novella Writing Competition, but I didn't win anything. Don't you hate it when you go into a competition and the stories that mean something, the ones with morals, the neat ones that parallel real life, they're the ones that win? And you, with your fantasy story that's a great read but frankly, is only there for enjoyment, never gets anything? Yeah. I hate that. >.<

Child of Fire
Status: Just the epilogue to go!
Warnings: Blood, death, violence, swearing.
Blurb: elemental children. You know the drill.
Notes: needs a rewrite. I'm not kidding.

The Mark of Les'na
Status: Incomplete
Warnings: Contains blood, death, violence. Much blood. I'm not kidding here. See blurb. And swearing. I keep forgetting this one.
Blurb: Vampires.
Notes: Lesína is pronounced Layz-nah. Just in case you were wondering.

Status: Incomplete
Warnings: um. Blood, death, violence, rape... although that isn't graphical or anything. Because I'm squicky like that. Actually, I'm just embarrased, really. I wouldn't know the first thing about writing something like that. ^_^;
Blurb: More elves. The tree/elves go to war with the dark/elves. Chaos ensues, ensnaring the Ilil Kiara and the dark/elf warrior Saini Deathblades in its midst, as they attempt to Duel. Argh. That really sucks.
Notes: read silver book blurb.

Dragon Story
Status: Imcomplete
Warnings: Swearing. Maybe a little blood. Okay, probably a little blood, a little violence. I haven't got that far yet.
Blurb: Dawn has to rescue her parents and brother from some mages. The only problem is that they're gold dragons, and for Dawn to reveal herself means Bad Things.
Notes: Every time I look at this story I start confusing my Dawn with Kouri's Dawn. *grins* Oops. No title.

Status: Incomplete
Warnings: Contains blood, death, violence, did I mention gruesome death? I did. Good. And swearing, I think.
Blurb: army goodness. and weird stuff. Team Falcon is an elite unit. They're recruited by the army to join the crack Snake Unit in a search and rescue in enemy territory. But more is going on than it seems, and soon they're fighting, not to resue their comrades, but to save their own lives.
Notes: Not as bad as the warning suggests. Probably. I just want to cover my ass here. ...and I'm really, really bad at writing blurbs.

Angel Story
Status: Incomplete
Warnings: Blood, swearing, violence, death. Limp, detached body parts. Demons.
Blurb: Anithael is an angel, fighting demons.
Notes: I wrote this in my head, and it's one of the only two stories that I've actually written a plan out for. ...Of course, I haven't written any since. Typical.

Ice Dancer
Status: Incomplete
Warnings: Blood, death, violence. Just the usual. Swearing.
Blurb: Rae Sukoshi is the figure skating queen, until a drunk driver paralyses her from the waist down. With practically no hope of regaining movement, Rae thinks her career is over... that is, until she's transported to Kori, the world of ice. Now she has a chance to regain everything she's lost... but it won't come without a price.
Notes: I know nothing about figure skating. I want to learn. If you can tell me stuff about figure skating, you are my god. Or goddess, as the case may be.

Status: Incomplete
Warnings: Blood, death, violence. Swearing. Shounen ai. Yaoi.
Blurb: Rhyliann and Vantraith have stolen something from the kingdom of Zerram. To get it back, Zerram invades its neighbouring kingdoms. Princess Lithera Devarin sets out to follow her late mother's wishes and try and save her sister and her kingdom from destruction. Erk.
Notes: This makes more sense when you know what the hell's going on. I had to draw a map for this, you know. A /map/... I've never needed a map before, but nooo... *sigh*

Status: Incomplete
Warnings: Swearing. Nothing else yet.
Blurb: The Dragons and Serpents are mortal enemies, the feud stemming from long ago. And now the second and final great battle between the two approaches...
Notes: It all started because I have a funky necklace.

Status: Incomplete
Warnings: er... well, the standard blood, death, violence, swearing... haven't written much, really, so... don't know yet. ^_^;
Blurb: virtual reality gaming, at its finest.
Notes: no title here. am bad author.

Status: Incomplete
Warnings: Blood, death, violence, swearing. Weird shit. I haven't written this too far, so I'll add stuff here as it comes up.
Blurb: There's this girl. And she's being chased by this organisation. Let's call them the White Badges. And they're also chasing these other people, who are fated to help her. And stuff happens. ...Can you tell I've got nothing but a vague, vague outline, and also that I haven't written very far? I think you can.
Notes: This story ate my brain for about two, three weeks straight. And then... it disappeared so I could do other stuff, like fail units. ^_^ Still no title.

Status: Incomplete
Warnings: Blood, violence, death, rape, war, major spellcasting, shounen ai. The characters made me! May turn into yaoi eventually. Possibly. Don't look at me like that.
Blurb: Hoo boy. We~ell... there are these humans and these elves. And they've allied to take on this other human nation, which was generally being a bitch to them. And the army is being led by Lord Commander Seltyin (human), and seconded by Commander Anami (elf). And then everything goes to hell in a handbasket.
Notes: Oh, this was a bitch to html. 50,000 words, and the main plot only just kicked in. ...Sometimes I hate this. >.< No title here either.

Twig Academy Fic
Status: Complete!
Warnings: Blood, violence, swearing. Think that's about it.
Blurb: Christi Ainsley is a guardian on holiday. That is, until she's called in to rescue a mage in trouble. Typical.
Notes: Based off the universe created by the one and only Twig. Written for the first annual Eukaryotic fic contest.

Status: Incomplete
Warnings: Uh... nothing, so far. Drug references, I suppose. Language? A bit of violence. Nothing too bad.
Blurb: Set in /basically/ the real world, a little in the future. Ashley works security in a nightclub, but his past is shrouded in shadow.
Notes: Written in January 2003, in, I'm pretty sure, a single afternoon. Well, the prologue and chapter 1, anyhow. No title here.

NaNo2003: Before the Dawn
Status: Incomplete
Warnings: Blood, violence, death, angst, war, angst, shounen ai. Maybe yaoi. Did I mention angst? Good. Just checking.
Blurb: The Kingdom of Selinthyre was a peaceful place. The Captain of the Royal Guard, the newly promoted warrior Captain Athin, was well liked by the soldiers. Everything was going well. And then a strange woman, from a race called the Faelin, flees to their world from the horror consuming hers, giving into Athin's care a treasured burden. But Athin's world is quickly ripped apart by one terrible fact: the horror followed her.
Notes: I so almost didn't make it this year. Scraped over the line with 50,016 words about five/six hours before the midnight deadline. ^_^;;

Short Stories/Snippets |Top|

Notes: These are all little ideas floating around in my head that may, at some stage, get something longer attached to them. Just stuff that popped into my head, or interesting dreams that I've had, and the like.

The Rose
Blurb: Um... A strange girl appears. And then disappears.
Notes: Started off as a small skit for a drama class /years/ ago, and morphed into a story for my year 8 English class. /I/ think it's a little childish, but still neat. And no, I don't know what the hell's going on either.

Friendship fic
Blurb: Stuff. Two friends meet through the years. And stuff. Yeah. Look, just read it, it'll make more sense.
Notes: The larger story this is threatening to be a side-story to will one day eat my brain, this I am sure of. Argh. As it is, you get two versions. Version 1 is the original story, and version 2 has little inserts added in between all of the sections. Except for the one where I didn't know what to add in. ^_^; Version 3 I wrote for the Unisfa Short Story Competition 2003. Basically, I filled in the bit that I didn't know what to write for.
Version 1 | Version 2 | Version 3: Moments in Time

Dream Story
Blurb: the character has a dream. And then wakes up. Really, it's so short. Do I have to be descriptive here?
Notes: This was a dream, so I decided to make the character be dreaming! No wonder this makes no sense.

New Years Eve Story
Blurb: a small girl has strange powers. And someone dies. Messily. And something gets banished. And the author *blinks*, and puts it aside because she has no clue what the hell's going on.
Notes: Random thought thing. Despite being set on New Years Eve, was actually written a while before that.

Blurb: In a world governed by will, Ash has lost her powers.
Notes: Written while on music tour in 2002. Snippets only, in chronological story order.
Background | Snippet 1 | Snippet 2 | Snippet 3 | Snippet 4 | Snippet 5 | Snippet 6

Warnings: Blood. And violence and depression. And.. yeah. It's called Dark for a reason, you know.
Blurb: "They say eyes are windows to the soul. Her eyes are blank. Don't get me wrong, she's not comatose or anything. She just doesn't feel or care. They say they used to be pits into hell. I don't know what happened. But if I were you, I'd keep well clear. They say she doesn't care whether she lives or dies... or how many she takes with her."
Notes: I was not a happy person when I wrote this. I don't know if I'll ever continue it.

Blurb: I... have no idea what this is about, actually. I used to, but I've forgotten. Oh, wait. Something about good and evil, light and dark. And assassins. Can't go wrong with assassins. A bit like ninjas in that respect, really.
Notes: Um. Only one character so far, name of Feicrul. Fei, for short. No, I had not played Xenogears at that stage. Yes, Fei is the one on the landbike.
Setup | Race | Fei

Submarine Dream Story
Blurb: In the year 2010, mankind discovered an artifact buried deep below the seabed. Now the year is 2015, and its true purpose will be revealed.
Notes: This is really weird. Not only do I not know what the artifact is, I have no idea where this is going.
Setup | Story

Blurb: Well, there's this guy. And he's Dark. And that's it so far.
Notes: I've got the whole story in my head, vaguely. It might make it onto paper some day, you never know.

Blurb: Every generation there is a Sukhael, born to rule, and a Danya, born to die.
Notes: I have no idea where this is going.


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