Paradise Lost

Ice Dancer

Please Read: Ice Dancer is © copyright 2003 to me, Jennifer McCutcheon. Do not, I repeat, do not steal it, copy it, or in any other way use it for your own gain. This is my work that I've spent long hours over, and plaigarism of any sort will not be tolerated. Thank you.

Blurb: Rae Sukoshi is the world's figure skating darling. That is, until the night where her career is ended by a drunk driver, and she ends up paralysed from the waist down. With practically no hope of regaining movement, Rae thinks her life is over... until she's transported to Kori, the world of ice, where her fate is somehow linked to the survival of Clan Blade. Now she has a chance to regain everything she's lost... but it won't come without a price. And this price might be more than she can pay...

Notes: I know nothing about figure skating. No, really. Nothing. About all I know about it is from watching the Winter Olympic Games figure skating competitions, and from this I concluded that the two male Russian figure skaters are my gods. And that all the Australians suck. >.< But anyway. If I've screwed up something vitally important as far as the actual performing part goes... tell me. Please. I'll love you forever. ^_^



Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

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Chapter 5

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