Paradise Lost


Please Read: Kiara is © copyright 2003 to me, Jennifer McCutcheon. Do not, I repeat, do not steal it, copy it, or in any other way use it for your own gain. This is my work that I've spent long hours over, and plaigarism of any sort will not be tolerated. Thank you.


"A Duel is a sacred thing. Once Duel-gifts are exchanged, the two elves involved will go to any lengths to make the Duel a reality, even protecting the other against their own kind, if they be from different races. And once the Duel is in progress, none will interrupt. That's the thing with Duels. Two begin, and only one walks away."

There are three elf races; the tree/elves, living in the vast forests, the air/elves, in their cities amidst the clouds, and the dark/elves, living underground. And when war starts between the tree/ and dark/elves, it snares the Ilil Kiara and the dark/elf warrior Saini Deathblades, keeping them from their fated Duel. Yet once they do manage to finally meet, blade against blade, who will be the one that walks away?

Notes: Well. Another one without a title, here. I suppose I could call it Duel of the Fates... seeing as that's what it's really about. *laughs and hides*


Art by Snow Kitten

Kiara and Saini

Kiara holding a sword

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