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Welcome to Paradise Lost, the homepage for When Angels Deserve to Die. I'm Vel'ithya Tevriel, your host. *bows*
There are several sections to this site, so please, look around and enjoy yourself. ^_^ If you get lost, then just use the bar at the very bottom of the screen - it has the links to all the main sections of the site.

Author Information: Everything you probably don't want to know about me. If there's something not in here that you want to know, then just ask.

Karate: Information about my karate club, Go Kan Ryu Karate International. Section under construction.

Books: Information about good books that I've really enjoyed. They will mainly all be science fiction/fantasy. Oh, who am I kidding. They're /all/ sci-fi/fantasy. ^_^ I may add fanfiction recomendations in the future as well. Not sure yet. Section under construction.

Original Fiction: My original stories. All content in this section is copyright to me.

VFstoryNew Universe: The universe that myself and my friend Fallimar have created between us. It used to be fanfiction, but is currently being rewritten as original fiction. Section under construction.

Original/Fanart: Pictures that me and Fall have drawn. I'm not a very good drawer, so Fall has many, many more pictures then I do.

Links: If you're leaving, then here are some places that you might want to go, that I've been to and enjoyed.

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25th July 2005
All the links in the Stories section are currently broken. The individual bio pages should still be working, but the links to specific chapters won't be. The rational is as follows: one day, I hope to be published, and published with these stories (some of them, anyway). To that end, I am shifting all story content across to my livejournal, and it will be locked under a specific filter. I am in the process of doing that right now. If you would like to continue reading the stories, then just drop me a comment and ask to be put on the Paradise Lost filter. If you don't have a livejournal, the service is free and you can sign up here.

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