Paradise Lost


Please Read: Dragon/Serpent is © copyright 2003 to me, Jennifer McCutcheon. Do not, I repeat, do not steal it, copy it, or in any other way use it for your own gain. This is my work that I've spent long hours over, and plaigarism of any sort will not be tolerated. Thank you.

Blurb: Long ago, the Dragons and the Serpents fought a great battle. The Dragons emerged victorious, and the Serpents fled into the darkness. Now, in the present day, the time is drawing near for the battle to be fought again.
For the Serpents are coming out of hiding.

Notes: Started in 2002. The Dragon necklace is based off a necklace I own. The Serpent necklace is just a modified version of that. Parallels are basically Kekkai, but they always exist, and all Dragons and Serpents can enter. I missed a rather important plot point in chapter one, and I'm going to have to go back and write it in. Until then, however, you can have the original version. ^_^



Chapter 1 (incomplete)


Dragon Necklace

Serpent Necklace

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