Paradise Lost


Please Read: VRstory/Almacyura is © copyright 2003 to me, Jennifer McCutcheon. Do not, I repeat, do not steal it, copy it, or in any other way use it for your own gain. This is my work that I've spent long hours over, and plaigarism of any sort will not be tolerated. Thank you.

Blurb: A few decades into the future, virtual reality games have become the ultimate in gaming. University courses are dedicated to teaching Gaming Assistants, or GA's, all they need to know about taking care of their gamers while they're in the game, which can take anywhere from an hour to months at a time, if they are serious gamers. New corporations have come into being to sell and create these games, the biggest being Virtuality Corporation. And Danny Ward, the head of Virtuacorp, wants Keira Zuriel, the best in freelance game testing, to test his new game, Almacyura.

Notes: er. I know nothing much at all about gaming, can you tell? Another story without a title; You can tell where Almacyura comes from, and 'VR' stands for virtual reality. I've got originality, don't I. :P Dedicated to Troy.



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