Paradise Lost

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My (internet) name is Vel'ithya Tevriel. I live in Perth, Western Australia. I'm 19, turning 20 in September 2004. I have three siblings: my big brother (24), big sister(22), and little sister (17). I used to have long hair but now I have short hair. It's currently blonde. I also sometimes wear glasses. I have an adorable boyfriend, Chas, who is unfortunately addicted to Hattrick and Morrowind.

I attend the University of Western Australia and am currently starting my first year of a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Japanese. I'm also taking Asian Studies and Creative Writing. When I'm not working at my part-time job, I spend most of my time in UniSFA (the sci-fi/fantasy club), Unigames (the roleplaying club), and UCC (the computer club). I am also a member of the anime club, UWAnime, JAPSSOC (the japanese studies society), and the SCA.

My hobbies include karate, kendo, archery, zone 3, reading, drawing (badly), writing (hopefully not so badly :P), anime and manga, music, RPG games (squaresoft!!) and the internet.

I started my first story in Year 8, telling it to my little sister as we sat through a 4-hour car trip. I happened to have a notebook with me, and when we reached our destination, I proceeded to write it down. Since then, I've written quite a lot, most of it unfinished; new ideas tend to bite me often, and I'll start them, and lose the rhythm of the previous story. Most of them are long; I've written a few short stories, but most of them aren't (to my mind) very good. A few pages isn't really enough for a proper storyline to develop, and I have trouble writing to that length.

wheee! Yeeehaw! I discovered NaNoWriMo in 2002, and after my exams were over halfway through November, I joined and managed, to my delight, to make over 50,000 words within the deadline. It was a really great moment when I finally spell-checked and discovered that yes, I was over the limit, and even greater when I discovered that I'd finished a few hours before my writing buddy, J!Dave. We were having a mini-competition, and I won. ^_^ NaNo was a big challenge, but having come through it complete, I happily joined again in 2003, once again making it, albeit with a little more struggle. Hopefully at some point I can find someone with a credit card to donate on my behalf. :)

I hope to one day get my stories published. To this end, all the stories posted on this website are copyright to me, and are not to be recreated, taken, used, or copied in any way, shape or form, without my permission. If you really want to download a story to your hardrive, then please. Email me: velithya at ucc dot asn dot au. The worst I can do is say is no.

I created my weblog a few years ago with the help of Leareth, one of my real-life and online friends. When Angels Deserve to Die went online early in January 2002. I started my livejournal late 2002, because Maelkann wanted me to answer his LJ polls, and you have to be an LJ member to vote. To fit in with the angel theme, it is titled Fallen Angels.

When Angels Deserve to Die | Fallen Angels
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