Paradise Lost

Vel's Artwork

I've only drawn a few pictures worth putting up, as I don't practise drawing very often. ^_^;;

Angel Vel: I got bored at home and so decided to draw myself as an angel. Please excuse the school diary - it was the only background I could find at the time.

Devil Vel: The companion pic to the one above, Vel as a devil. Again, sorry about the diary.

Triple Vel: A pic of Vel in Saiyan armour with Devil Vel and Angel Vel behind her.

Vel and Fall as Devils: A pic of Vel and Fall as devils. Excuse the words, they're part of a message I was writing to Fall on the card.

Taka-Tsume: This is a pic from my Mirai DBZ story. This is Taka-tsume like you first see her in the story, complete with Oukami-kiba necklace.

Fall's Artwork

When Angels Deserve to Die | Fallen Angels
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