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Fall's Artwork

Fall draws lots. And she draws well. Consequently, her page is divided into several sections. For your convenience, quick links are provided below, or you can just scroll down. Whichever you prefer.

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VFstory Universe: VFstory art [Top]

Fall and Soul: This is a pic of Fall in dark elf form holding Soul, the dark elf who made her Wraith Armour. He's been killed.

Winged Fall: This is one of Fall's forms, a winged - or avariel - elf.

VFstory Universe: Mirai DBZ art [Top]

Mirai Vel: This is a pic of our heroine, Mirai Vel. This is what she looks like when she's introduced in the story.

Mirai Trunks (in Boxers): This is the scene where Vel meets Trunks and he is hit with an explosive crossbow bolt, which shreds his pants, leaving him in boxers.

Mirai Trunks and Vel: This is the scene where Trunks wakes and and Vel asks him to protect her.

Usagi: This is Usagi in his Hi-koumori jacket.

Celia: This is Mirai Vel's daughter Celia, around 6/7. This is also how she appears in one of my fanfics, as yet unwritten... which shall be written... sometime. This century. I can get away with saying that now, can't I? Heh. Currently it's jotted down in vague outline-ish point form in notebook 01.

Bunny Usagi: Like the title says, this is Usagi as a playboy bunny. With fishnets. Fall just couldn't resist.

Random DBZ Art [Top]

Devil Goten: Vel and Fall have decided that Goten is a horny little devil, and so Fall has drawn him as such.

Fall and Goten: In Vel and Fall's twisted reality, they each - er - 'own' anime guys. Fall has taken a liking to Goten, and this pic is a representation of their relationship... Scantily clad people.

Vel and Trunks: The companion pic to the one above; this is Vel and Trunks. Same warning applies.

Lazy Trunks: This is Trunks in towel and sunnies on a deck chair, catching some sun.

Trenchcoat Mafia Trunks: This is Trunks (head and shoulders) in a trenchcoat and sunnies, looking like someone from the Mafia.

Piccolo!: This is Piccolo being his usual serious self.

Trunks: This is a random pic of Trunks Fall drew in 5 minutes. Apparently he's "looking hot." Judge for yourself.

Other Artwork [Top]

Elementals: This was going to be an entry into the Bakaneko Monthly Original Character Contest, but Fall missed the due date. Oops. :P

Shinma: This is a random Shinma Fall drew - if you don't know what a shinma is go read Vampire Princess Miyu.

Samurai: This is pic of a samurai dude on a roof. Yes, dude. *sticks tongue out at Fall*

Eva: When Fall bought Neon Genesis Evangelion manga volume one she was struck with Eva fever. Here are a few sketches of a new Eva she made up.

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